About The Bitconnect Compensation Plan


If you are interested in cryptocurrencies and the MLM networks that are associated with them, you have probably already heard about BitConnect. This network has received loads of attention recently, and is very active within the network-marketing circles.

What Is BitConnect And Why Is It So Popular?

One of the better ways in which to define BitConnect is that it is an MLM opportunity which involves selling affiliate memberships and through these memberships members are able to invest in Bitcoin in order to receive daily profits and returns on investments. Each affiliate that signs-up with a BitConnect affiliate membership is offered the opportunity to invest in BitConnect Coins and get these “coins” converted through internal exchanges by this company.

The Membership And Structure Options In BitConnect

Typically speaking, BitConnect works with an award model (percentage) along with ROI (return on investment) winning every month. Options available when it comes to investing in BitConnect include the following:

• Members can invest $100 to $1000 and receive up to 40% each month for a period of 299 days

• Members can invest $1010 to $5000 and receive up to 40% for a period of 239 days and a bonus of 23.9% ROI (return on investment)

• Members can invest $5010 to $10,000 and receive up to 40% each month for 179 days and a bonus of 35.9% ROI

• Investments of $10,010 to $100,000 and receive up to 40% each month for a period of 120 days and a bonus of 30% ROI

Over and above these earnings, each affiliate is also offered the opportunity to earn a referral commission, through the compensation structure that is very similar to the majority of the multi-level marketing models, which gets paid out on the funds invested. An example of this is when a member sells a membership to affiliate and sponsors this new affiliate or affiliates, the member receives instant commission.

Costs Involved To Join BitConnect

For those that have an interest in joining BitConnect, it is important to know that this is possible in the form of an affiliate that will be for free. However, even though it is free to join as an affiliate, the member is still required to invest in one of the memberships offers mentioned above so that they are able to take part in the comprehensive compensation plan.

BitConnect offers a simple way for all members to invest in Bitcoin as well as earn additional money every month along with a structure that offers similar benefits. Today, there are a variety of Facebook groups that the BitConnect users make use of to share their experiences as well as motivate one another by posting the winnings they receive from every sale made.

The Mentorship And Tools That Make BitConnect Work

There are a variety of people that struggle to find employment in top paying positions or struggle to make it through each month. Today, there are a host of online opportunities that assist individuals in making the most out of the skills they have as well as learning new techniques.

The BitConnect platform happens to be associated with this premise in the way of educating and teaching and assisting individuals to sell memberships. They also assist their members on spreading the value behind cryptocurrencies. With training, tools and authentic memberships, that assist people in getting to the stage where they are earning a lot of money, it becomes easy to participate in these activities.

How To Get Started

For those interested in making big profits and sales with BitConnect and to receive up to 40% commission and all the benefits of this network, the initial step is to visit their site on www.bitconnectcash.co.

For those that need additional support and help, there are a number of BitConnect Tutorials on the site along with a way to learn how to navigate the journey in the easiest way possible.
Anyone that is new to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, BitConnect is one of those platforms designed for all types of ages, personalities and backgrounds. With the mentorships, tools and training it is very easy to get started and to learn about the latest techniques used by the greatest marketers.


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