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How does Around a 30% Return on Investment Each Month Sound?

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Is Bitconnect Worthwhile? Can I Really Make Much?

People just starting with Bitconnect are often left momentarily speechless because you can earn about 1 percent on your capital. Daily. That means, per month, you’re earning around 30 percent on that capital. And, no, it’s not too good to be true – we are constantly using this system to profit! You just need to let your traditional view of money and currency go and embrace this new, digital cash. Think about it, when was the last time you can recall earning a substantial percentage back on an investment? Was it a one-time windfall for a tech company? Ever see it happen again? Cryptocurrency lets you earn on that high of a level. Every. Single. Day. And it’s all in interest payments Bitconnect will pay to you based on how much you’ve ‘loaned’ them. It’s up to you how you use that extra currency – most people either cash it out or reinvest, the latter of which is what we recommend.

Here’s the thing: We recommend reinvestment not only because it gets you larger capital faster, but you can practically double your money every 80 days. With traditional banks, that took 7 years at least…

A Better Look at Bitconnect

With Bitconnect, you will technically be loaning your bitcoins to Bitconnect itself. With your (and others’) cryptocurrency, they actively buy and sell currencies on the open market. Bitconnect has built a Trading Bot that automatically makes the best use of Bitcoin’s volatility. What this means is that even if there is a drop in the market value of bitcoins, you’ll still see a return on investment for that period. Until recently, this kind of investing was only available to the big-wig Wall Street types where they use these kind of bots with “real” money.
Still, I think Bitconnect can explain it better than me- check out this video:

Why Should I Join Bitconnect?

We’re not sure what could be better than making about 30% ROI monthly that will sway you over to Bitconnect. Maybe a more in-depth look at the way Bitconnect works will spark your interest, yeah?

How Bitconnect Investment Interest Works

While on average you will see about 1% ROI daily (!), the actual amount of return on any given day varies. If the bitcoin (BTC) value was relatively inactive, you won’t see much return that day. On the other hand, high-activity BTC days lead to high-interest returns.

So… There’s a Catch, Right?

I certainly can’t blame you for thinking there’s a catch in this system. I certainly did for quite a while. Well, there isn’t a catch. Seriously. Okay, wait, there is one catch – you need to leave your money in Bitconnect for a specified amount of time. Likewise, It can be hard not to pull your interest out, but it’s well worth the commitment to reinvest it.

This image is the release table for Bitconnect users. As you can see, they offer four loan types that are based on the amount that your loan is worth. These work as a way to entice users to invest more into the Bitconnect system, and for two distinct reasons: The first being that higher lending amounts yield faster release of the capital. The second, and likely more enticing, is that you get an extra 0.10%, 0.20%, and 0.30% daily return on your investment at those levels. So, if you lend between $100 and $1000, your bitcoins will be committed for 299 days. Take note here, reinvesting your daily interest will get a $100 initial investment to over $1,300 in 299 days. That’s a 1,300% total increase, which is bonkers when compared to any other kind of investment plan out there. Want to see the specifics of how that all works out? Check out our interest calculator.

As noted on the table above, investing over $10,000 (well… $10,010) has a capital release at only 120 days while also giving you 0.25% extra return every day in addition to the daily interest earned. With reinvesting your daily interest that you earn, a $10,010 initial lending amount will have earned about $30,000 after 120 days. Mind you, that’s $30,000 PLUS your initial $10,010 capital – so you’ll be getting back about $40k. Use our interest calculator to see how these figures work out. This system works and it’s legit.

For those of you who decide not to reinvest your daily earned interest, and choose to instead cash it out whenever you feel like it, this table lets you know about how much interest you can expect from investing for a year:

Initial Capital

Monthly Interest Return

Yearly Profits

$100.00 $30.00 $365.00
$500.00 $150.00 $1825.00
$1,010.00 $333.00 $4,055.00
$5,010.00 $1803.00 $21,943.00
$10,010.00 $3,753.00 $45,670.00

While those figures might look pretty nice as it is (especially when compared to traditional ROI with banking or other forms of investment), let’s take a look at what the figures are if you do compounded interest – like we recommend – where reinvesting your daily earned interest will mean interest earned on interest. After 90 days, things already start to get pretty crazy and after a full year of compounding your interest… well… here’s the table:

Initial Capital

90-Day Interest Return

Yearly Profits

$100.00 $250.00 $912.00
$500.00 $1,210.00 $4,416.00
$1,010.00 $2,630.00 $10,559.00
$5,010.00 $13,440.00 $58,860.00
$10,010.00 $25,090.00 $114,473.00


How you like them apples? So, now that I have your full attention, let’s get down to business.

Step 1: I’m Ready to Go! What Do I Need to Do?

First – and I know you’re probably tired of hearing it at this point – CLICK HERE and create your account on Bitconnect. We will be your sign-up sponsor, so make sure to leave Bitcoin Wealth Life in the Sponsor box. Being your sponsor signifies a whole lot more than just some referral link – it means we are going to teach you through our collective experience and offer you the tips, tricks, and learning tools needed to succeed in a system that many believe is too complex to even get started with. Additionally, when signed up with Bitcoin Wealth Life as your sponsor, that means having priority access to all forms of communication with us. We’re here to help you succeed just like we have, which means keeping you away from our own mistakes we made early on!

On Bitconnect, complete the account creation forms and make sure to verify your account when they email you. Once you’ve verified through email, your account is created and that’s it – this sign-up process isn’t nearly as rigorous as the one you went through on Coinbase when turning your national currency into digital currency. With your account created, you’ll now have a Bitcoin Wallet. If you didn’t read the beginner’s guide, the wallet is basically where your bitcoins are stored and it will have its own unique “address” for people to send to when paying you in bitcoin. Copy this address down and use it to transfer any (or as much as you feel like investing) bought bitcoins to the Bitconnect wallet.

Step 2: Finding Your Address

If you’re looking for your wallet address, log in to Bitconnect. On the dashboard, you will see a green button labeled “Deposit Bitcoin (BTC)” in the “Bitcoin Wallet” box just below the main dashboard messages. Click it and a popup dialogue will appear that shows you both your Bitconnect wallet address and your QR code. Remember, the address will be an alphanumeric string that looks like garbled nonsense – it’s supposed to be that way for security’s sake!

Copy that address down to move to the next step.

Step 3: Buying Bitcoins

For smaller ($100 – $999 usd) head to to convert your traditional money into cryptocurrency. For larger ($1,000 and up), use instead. We recommend starting with a smaller, coinbase-friendly first conversion as there aren’t going to be a bunch of hoops you need to jump through to finalize the bitcoin purchase. Certainly those security measures are a welcome addition, but if you are testing the bitcoin waters, you might not yet feel comfortable submitting photo IDs and Passports while authenticating your account to get started on a system that you’ve yet to try before – but that’s just our two cents.
Note: If you’re in the United Kingdom, we recommend using Bitbargain for your initial conversion as they don’t have what-should-be-criminal international penalties.
Remember, you’ll need to start with at least $100 usd worth of bitcoin to use as capital with Bitconnect. Also – at almost every stage you’ll be charged a nominal fee, so make your initial purchase a few dollars over (Start with $110 usd worth, just to be super safe) so you have enough to get started with.

Step 4: Move Those Bitcoins to Bitconnect

Go to the wallet on the site you purchased your bitcoins from and send it over to your Bitconnect Bitcoin Wallet. Step 2 on this page shows you how to find the wallet’s receiving address. DO NOT use the address in the image above – that’s our wallet’s address so don’t use it unless you want to donate to us (which is always appreciated, too!), which isn’t the point of this step, so…

Anyway, once you’ve submitted your wallet-to-wallet transfer request, there can be a bit of a wait. Because of that make sure to copy and paste your wallet address rather than writing it down and typing it out – you need to be exact during this procedure, especially since there can be a wait involved. After a few minutes after the transfer has been sent, you’ll notice your Bitconnect wallet has a pending incoming transaction (it can be up to 15 minutes before you see the pending transaction, FYI, so be patient).

Once you see the pending transaction notification, a little more patience is in order. An hour or two worth of patience, usually. We recommend getting lunch (or whatever meal you’re closest to) at this point. Once the transaction is complete (and you’ve had a decent meal, hopefully), you’ll notice your Bitcoin balance on Bitconnect reflects your transferred amount.

Step 5: Buy BCC with BTC

With the bitcoins finally in your Bitconnect Bitcoin Wallet, it’s time to turn them into Bitconnect Coin. To do this, all you need to do is click the “Exchange” button, which can be found at the top-right portion of the dashboard.

On the “Exchange” screen, scroll down to the “Buy BCC” part of the page and follow these steps (with corresponding image markers for your convenience):

A. Click top blue square here
B. Click blue “ALL” button
C. Click green “Buy BITCONNECT COIN” button

You’ll then be asked to confirm the transaction – click “Confirm” and you’re all set to start investing!

Note: Your bitcoin wallet is now going to show as 0.0000 – don’t freak out. Your Bitconnect wallet is where you’ll see your balance now!

Step 6: Investing Through Lending via Bitconnect Coins

If you’ve been following along step by step, you should now have the cryptocurrency Bitconnect Coins in your wallet. Head back to the Bitconnect dashboard (if you’re not already there) and find the “Lend BitConnect” button on the main dashboard message area (it’s pretty much right in the center of the screen). Click it and this box will appear:

As you may have noticed (especially if you’re outside the United States), Bitconnect uses USD as the reference conversion currency. In the Invest BitConnect box, enter the amount that you want to invest into the system – this amount must be in USD and must be at least $100 and going higher will require $10 increments to the capital (so $100, $110, $120, etc and so on). You can invest a maximum of $100,000 usd if you so choose.
Make note of the amount that you are Lending and check it against the “Capital release” part of the table on the screen. Assuming you’re investing less than $1,000, your Capital release will be 299 days. This means you will receive your initial lending amount at the end of that time period.

With the amount you’ve decided on input into the ‘Amount’ box (IN USD!!), click the checkbox saying you read the terms of use (because you did, right? RIGHT?! Good), then click the “Pay from Bitconnect Wallet” button at the bottom of the Invest BitConnect box.

Step 7: Take it All In!

As far as getting started with investing in cryptocurrency is involved, you are all set! Lean back in your chair, breath a sigh of relief, and realize that you, too, are now on the forefront of digital currency!

Remember to check your wallet every day as Bitconnect will put your interest earned right into there – and that money is liquid for you to do with however you please. Once your interest earned has hit $10 (or any other $10 increment), you can choose to reinvest it back into Bitconnect, which is what the vast majority of folks on the system do. They do this because the effects of compound interest can be insane, and you’re about to learn firsthand just how exciting this can all be!

If you have yet to do so, we recommend you now head over to our interest calculator to play with some numbers and use it to plan your future investments and reinvestments.

Also – Welcome to the cryptocurrency world and investing through systems the mainstream media are all scrambling to figure out!