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By now, we hope you have already gone through our Bitconnect Tutorial and have taken the time to learn how the system pays interest and how to put your spare cash into it. While that interest is completely available for you to withdraw on a daily basis, that’s not how we here at Bitcoin Wealth Life have earned ridiculous returns on our initial investments. We believe it’s better to keep reinvesting your bitcoin right back into the system, thereby earning you compound interest.

Following this simple procedure as laid out on BCWL is going to blow you away with just how fast you will see your investment grow. You might believe it’s too good to be true, but here’s the thing – you’re never going to see insane returns like ours without taking that first step.

Still, if you would like to see how the numbers would work in a simulated scenario, our Bitcoin Wealth Programmed Spreadsheet offers a way for you to get just how good it is to reinvest your returns and it is also an effective interest calculator.

Starting with your initial investment, our spreadsheet will show you everything you’ll need to see and understand how that compound interest will work out. And while we have made this spreadsheet/app free for you, if you like how it works feel free to donate to us – even if it’s just enough for a cuppa joe so we can keep working our all nighters 😀

Spreadsheet Features

  • Shows annual earnings over time if you decide to stop reinvesting
  • Calculates interest over two years
  • Lets you choose between reinvesting or capital gains via Bitcoin wallet
  • Calculates best reinvestment schedule to take full advantage of your capital and interest
  • Lets you withdraw funds as earnings
  • Stops you from withdrawing more than you have

We work diligently to offer you the best spreadsheet application possible and are currently working to include the effects of mining on a variety of facets including investing, lending, staking, and more. At this time, though, the spreadsheet is here to offer you guidance on investment, reinvestment, and as a bitcoin interest calculator.

How to Download

There isn’t anything special you have to do to get our interest calculator & bitcoin investment spreadsheet, simply click the link below. If you like it and it works well for you, please consider sending a small donation our way to help keep us up and running:


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If you download this spreadsheet and decide to share it in any capacity, you agree to not modify it in any way. Otherwise, have fun playing with the numbers!